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Unhappy Symbian UIQ is slowly dying

It looks like Sony Ericsson performed a suicide to its own platform...

First reason is the very rare models of UIQ devices.
Compared with S60 and the unstoppable announcements from Nokia regarding high end smartphones or multimedia computers even HTC with Windows Mobiles, all of them keep their lines up fresh and always updated with the latest technological standards.

Most importantly the platform stopped to be exited since P900.
P800 was great and revolutionary for its time even, after the many delays P800 did very well and it is what made UIQ a success, P900 it was a P800 with better design, better screen and UIQ 2.1, nothing special but acceptable, P910 was totally outdated when it came out offering nothing new from P900 instead of a very bad QWERTY keyboard, finally the P990 was the disaster of the whole platform taking it to the hole everything that was UIQ related after that... The major lacks the better competition and mostly the extremely buggy UIQ 3.0 made the P990 a disappointment.

UIQ is meant to be for high end devices at least this is what we learn with P800 but it looks like mother Sony Ericsson still doesn't get it... Even the latest Sony Ericsson G700 and G900 UIQ based smartphones don't even offer QuadBand support with EDGE. If you can't even offer that then...there is nothing to say.

UIQ is a great platform and we hear so many nice additions for its next version. We really hope Sony Ericsson has something nice to announce really soon along with many high end devices base on it.

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