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We have created a suite of multi touch applications which come with various Win7 touch devices: the Windows 7 Touch Pack. For developers, we’re working to make most of the Surface SDK functionality available for use on Win7 touch hardware through a combination of integrating multi touch functionality into .NET/WPF 4.0 as well as releasing what we call the “Microsoft Surface Toolkit with Windows Touch”. More detail on this are in the video linked to at the start of the thread.

That said, the v1 Microsoft Surface input system, applications, shell, SDK, etc are for use only with Microsoft Surface hardware. The docs which come with that describe how to customize the launcher, attract, etc. Reverse engineering the software to run it on alternative touch hardware (for profit or otherwise) is most certainly not an intended use for it and I strongly encourage reviewing the EULA. I think this is fairly straightforward and reasonable but if you still have questions on this topic, please consult a lawyer.
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